by Charly Gabriel 24.05.2021

Astrology has had a major modern renaissance thanks to social media (and endless memes).


The internet has given us access to more information about life than ever before, yet without widespread religion or spirituality we’re less in touch with life’s meaning.


Despite all the information we have on offer, our world feels increasingly unstable and unknowable due to the lack of fundamental answers ultimately provided.


Why now? We want to feel autonomous and empowered as individuals, but dread being totally adrift without meaning.


‘A new horizontal form of connectedness is beginning to emerge.’ – Robert Reed (astrology practitioner)


People are opening up to ‘alternative’ viewpoints, like those not belonging historically to straight, white, cis-men.


It’s not that we want let go of our free will, but reclaim it from an informed perspective that will allow us to trust in our decisions as we move forward.


Young adults today are often criticised for being too self-obsessed. But narcissism might be viewed as a reaction to rootlessness: a need for constant affirmation to guide the way.


Many Millennials and Gen-Zs are simply no longer satisfied with settling for what meets the eye alone, instead seeking higher truths.


The belief du jour is that greater freedom actually comes from greater knowledge of the self, so we can become more useful parts of society.


Distrust in government triggers the necessary search for a higher source of truth:

‘When the world becomes a more intense place to live, interest in occultism rises. There have been studies during WWII and the Cold War about this.’ - Reed

‘Concepts such as astrology are viewed as easily accessible signposts to consider morality but mainly; purpose.’ - Reed






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