by Mr Nice 29.04.2021

Many of us are experiencing increased anxiety because of the pandemic...

  • Physical symptoms too: insomnia? Headaches? Stomach pain? Drinking too much?


The root of anxiety is often an unaddressed imbalance that’s creating wider ripples.

  • This is made worse by stress and the unhealthy patterns we fall into to cope.


First, we should look at our routine and see whether basic needs are being met: be that diet, sleep, rest, exercise, connection with others, time in nature… we all know the drill.


We can’t change the world around us, but we may be able to feel better within it by taking daily care of our health.


CBD has shown a profound ability to heal chronic conditions at the source for many users.


Cannabinoids interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, which regulates the body’s nervous, circulatory, digestive, and numerous other systems to achieve balance.


CBD deals with the root imbalance via the ECS, healing the body indirectly rather than suppressing symptoms such as insomnia, pain, skin conditions, or other chronic issues worsened by stress.


All natural, baby: It’s your body’s own equipment doing the bulk of the work, while cannabinoids (an organic substance) just give it a little boost in the right direction.


Rebuilding our routine mindfully is key: true wellbeing can only come from a more holistic approach to self-care.


By taking care of ourselves at home, we might not be able to magically resolve everything, but we can support ourselves so we’re better able to support others too.


Letting go of the illusion of control means dealing only with what we can each day, and that starts with being a little nicer to ourselves.

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