by Charly Gabriel 24.05.2021

Uncertainty feels quite shit.


Enter: conspiracy theorists - here to solidify all your worst fears about why things are the way they are. Thanks guys.


Psychology Today outlines 3 key explanations for the belief in conspiracy theories:

  1. The desire for understanding and certainty.
  2. The desire for control and security.
  3. The desire to maintain a positive self-image.


Theories provide us with superficial order to life when we feel powerless.


Conspiracism allows us to frame the unknown through our previously held beliefs, stopping us learning from each other.


When we create enemies of different people, it makes us feel more secure in our identities (research shows that people who feel socially marginalised are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories).


We are apparently still not immune to the destructive, fear-based culture of blame, which distorts sensitive issues, reducing others down to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ actors.


Conspiracy theories try to over-simplify our complicated world and as a result create hostility in place of compassion.


What we really need is a little more empathy and acceptance of others, as well as what we cannot control.





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