NICE CBD E-LIQUID SKUNK Booster (1000mg)



Our classic Skunk flavour also comes as a convenient little booster to combine with your standard everyday e-liquid: its full, earthy taste creates satisfying and nostalgic experience for the senses with every hit. Now you can add some CBD to your vape and a spring to your step.

*Product not to be consumed on its own: use as a CBD boost to your regular e-liquid

Skunk No.1 buds are known for emitting an aromatic blend of pungent skunkiness and subtle earthy notes. This E-liquid pays homage to the classic, energising hybrid that's been around since the 70s. Just add to your vaping device and enjoy the rich aromas.



Full flavour vaping designed and developed to offer noticeable result for those seeking an alternative approach to medical cannabis without the harmful effects of smoking. 100% natural. We use organic hemp material grown and cultivated without herbicides or pesticides. The flowers are hand harvested and dried naturally.